Hi! I am Karin. I am 33 years old and it is time I make everything I have dreamt of happen. Otherwise – who knows. It might not happen. One thing that seems to keep everything else back is my constant battle with my food choices. I have wanted to eat (only) vegan food for a long time and 90% of the time I do but time to time I slip (latte) or get bored with my limited cooking skills and eat something not vegan (pizza, sushi, cheesecake, more sushi, chocolate cake).

So it is time I learn how to cook delicious vegan food and to help me with that I turn to my own book shelf. Over time I have gathered nice collection of vegan cookbooks which I like to browse through on random evenings and dream about making all those dishes someday….when I have time…when I happen to have all the ingredients in my cupboard etc. THIS TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! HAHAA…not. But I have a plan. And I love it when a plan comes together.

I decided to cook some of the dishes in my cookbooks and capture the process here as well. Since like most people I am completely hopeless in following recipes 100%, I want to memorise my version of those recipes to make them again and again until I have stable collection of dishes me and my family can rely on (on those evening you crave everything).

But what else…I have two clever and oh-so-sweet daughters, one little son and a husband. During this project they are also my critics and support team. Under every recipe I mention if they liked it or not and what I should change next time (in their opinion). So lets go. Vegan.