Date-banana-strawberry smoothie -COLD

I don’t curse much but my first emotion with this smoothie was “fuck, it’s good”. It might be that it has been extremely hot is Estonia for last couple of days (over 30 deg is a lot since most of the time we just have bad skiing weather for summer) and this almost ice creamy drink was just perfect to start up my morning.

I also had my first morning in Tartu Ashtanga Yoga school (woke up at 6.15 to get there on time). Since kids will be at countryside with their great grandma for ┬ánext four weeks I can do yoga and smoothies every morning now. I think I’m in heaven. REALLY!

I had no plan for posting this smoothie but it came out so great I did a quick picture with second glass of this great stuff.


I needed:

  • 1 frozen and one regular banana
  • 5 soft dates
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • oat milk (about 100 ml for me – depending on the amount it will be nice cream or smoothie)


Too good to be true, I’m telling you.