Pesto – love of my life!

Pesto - love of my life!

And not only MY life. I don`t know anybody who don`t like it to be honest. One meatlover even said that it`s better then pâté:P And he bought his girlfriend ridiculously expensive blender – only to make this pesto. This is AN argument.

1 handfull of basil (one pot)
100 g cashew nuts
1 can of sundried tomatos WITH oil (mine was 290 g can)
2 cloves of garlic
chilly powder
1 tbs of sugar

Everythong blended in ridiculously expensive blender or with hand blender (as in my case)

Tomato and rucola taste also good on this bread – did`t have those around this morning.

Almost my number one choice for saturday morning. WITH bread and big mug of coffee of course.


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