Owen baked colours – beetroot and carrot:)

Owen baked colours - beetroot and carrot:)

Sooooo… waiting for a weekend. Evenings are so short here. Already three a clock it`s rather dark. Only chance to “enjoy” weather during workweek is in the morning shoveling car out from snow (today I had two neighbors helping me for 40 minutes:P) and in the evening while shoveling place for parking the car again. Well – but it`s white and beautiful. Yeeesh!

If it`s clear during the weekend I will take some pictures outside again:)

These vegetables help a lot during winter evenings. They smell soooo nice….and taste even better.

2 carrots, 1 beetroot, walnut oil, salt and thyme mixed together. One hour in 200 deg. C. Some balsamico with beetroots is the best.


EDIT: To be honest this dish was ment as a side for buckwheat. But despite my good intentions it went as usually. All of it was gone before vegetables got ready. Nobody else to blame but me. Well….:P

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