Fast food – vegan style…

Today at work (and later at home) it was busy as hell. So I had to relay on fast food. But of course –  it had to be vegan. Since I also didn`t have any time for taking pictures, I thought of sharing my compleate daily as a vegan who doesn`t have a second to spend on cooking nor time to make anything look nice on plate. Try to do better tomorrow:P

Morning: Big cup of green tee with mango and fruitsalat (two bananas, apple and orange…with cinnamon.

Snack: Two mandarins.

Lunch: Salat that included lettuce (half head), 1 big bell pepper, 1 avocado and lotsof mung sprouts. And little pickles I found from refrigerator (leftovers from early cristmas party we had with colleagues last week). Walnut oil and lime juice as a dressing. Eaten in front of computer. Iuuuu…

Dates as dessert – ca 15 of them

Somewhere in between three coffees…(new espresso automat!)

Dinner: One big 500 ml spinach-banana-orange juice smoothie before I did anything …(reached home hungry as devil)

Raw almonds – two handfuls.

Green pea soup leftovers from yesterday (really small portion – kids ate rest of it)

400 g can of white beans (luckly I had some decency left and I poured it into a bowl. Didn`t eat them from can this time…like I did yesterday, I`m afraid)


Thats it. Yes – this is fast food. Literally:) Preparations didn`t take more then 15 minutes – all together…entire day.

Who said fast food HAS to be unhealthy?

And why I was so busy at home? Had to watch this movie. Liked it! AND I also baked ginger bread cookies with my children. Christmas smell. Love it! Not vegan though. So not for me:P Smelling is not forbitten? Or is it?

Hahaa – nothing is forbitten. Just a matter of choices:)

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