Green pea soup – yes tried to be funny there. Didn`t work:P

Green pea soup - yes tried to be funny there. Didn`t work:P

But kids dig it. The face AND the soup. My four year old girl came to kitchen and asked if she could have this tasty smelling soup I have made. “But – of course”, I said maybe too eagerly (I have had few Iamgoingtothroughup faces in the past)! Literally they both, little one has 5 year old sister, licked their bowls dropless…and I don`t keep them in hunger. Really (most of the time)!

2 tbs oil
2 little onions
1 big carrot
400 g of green peas (frozen)
mint leaves

I warmed onions and carrots in oil for 5 minutes, added boiling water and peas and boiled it for about 10 minutes – carrots have to be soft). Then poured everything onto blender and added few mint leaves. Thats it. Ready it is!

About my raw experiment – it ended with this soup. Whole day in office was raw (exept coffee obiously – we got new espresso automat as a christmas present from our bosses – yei! good times!).

But I`m happy. Have to admit that raw makes me a bit short trigger. And I prefer calmer me. Well – let`s see.

For now – vegan it is.

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