Ridiculously green salat:)

Ridiculously green salat:)

It`s bloody cold here and I just came from sledging with my children. Mind (monkey) says that raw food is not good for this season we have here right now BUT body disagrees. I feel great. Much more energy to drag children around on their sledges…while beeing in knee deep snow. I don`t know – I trust my body and keep feeling great. it`s a bit weird to take pictures in snow though:P

So in this supergreen salat I took (only for ME):

half head of lettuce

half from long cucumber

100 g mung sprouts

green onion

one big avocado

As a dressing I used walnut oil (3 tbs), mustard (1 tbs) and lemon juice (1 tbs).

And now I`m drinking coffee with cinnamon stick in it. Yes…some might say that it`s not raw. I agree. But it`s still bloody cold here and thre is nothing better then hot coffee while children are taking their nap:P Live a little:)

Lets keep jamming (click on picture).

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